Caleb K. Wilson – Master of Innovation Design application materials


My background is varied, but the running theme seems to be that I follow my creative mind. Below, you will find examples of film, video, graphic design, web design, social engagement, and marketing work. I’ve included published work, as well as pieces I’ve been featured in for tv and print media.

Though my path to this program is an unusual one, I can’t help but feel uniquely suited for it. The Master of Innovation Design program at Wichita State is even described as answering the call from the technological community for “innovators from multiple disciplines to come together as a team and translate ideas into something transforming through non-traditional means.”

What better experience, then, is working in the fields of film and video, where every step of the process is about collaboration and taking a creative idea from a text document to a technologically complex production? Work in marketing has allowed me to see the end result, and how an incomplete product, something lacking early on, only makes things more difficult when you have to sell it. Finally, graphic and web design, both, have helped me discover a process for creativity and creation (I’ve included the article where I discuss this, below. But you can also read it here.)

I’m very excited for my potential experience with the MID. The skills I’m looking to strengthen are in the areas of product development and design. With this degree, I hope to achieve a greater level of understanding of the entire production process, meet collaborators that I will want to work with in the future, and leave with a prototype for a product I hope to market in the future.



Shocker IDT
Folk Rooster
Boy Adventurer


Folk Rooster
Unknown Issues (IDT podcast)
KSCW Movie Podcast


Set Decorator – “Anything Goes” music video

Editor/Graphic Design – Earth Matters resort promotional video

Art Director – “Bumpin'” music video

Art Director – Fly Eye Media educational video series

Graphic Design – “Give You Everything” music video


Digital Content Marketing Manager – Wichita State University Media Resources Center
Social Media and Marketing Coordinator – Sunflower Broadcasting, Inc.
Marketing Associate – Patterson Legal Group

Published Work

C2C Digital Magazine (Fall 2015 / Winter 2016): “Making Your Classes Pop with Innovative Visual Design”

Making your class stand out from the rest is simpler than you think. In examining my process for sprucing up online courses, I have found a pattern in how I go about quickly getting results that make classes more visually appealing, content more digestible, and subjects more engaging.

Tech Talk: iPhone 6 and Apple Watch
Orbiting Carbon Observatory Launch Scrubbed
Will TVs of the Future be Curved, Bendable?
Balance Time Spent in Digital World with Real Life
Spotify v. Pandora


What’s the fuss? WSU instructors tackle case of seemingly potty-mouthed Minion (+video)
Why are people so rude online?
KWCH wins social media award
Social Madness nationals start today. How did KWCH get here?
The expanding #hashtag: Will you use it on Facebook, Google Plus?


Caleb K. Wilson