No. 6 | Venture Capitalism – w/ Eric Norlin

We had four questions for our guest this week:

  1. What is venture capitalism?
  2. Who are venture capitalists?
  3. Can I be one?
  4. Was Wedding Crashers on point?

Eric Norlin, General Partner for SK Ventures, graciously and eloquently answered all those question and many more…all for your enjoyment!

Eric talks with Folk Rooster about his story, what it takes to become a VC, and how he manages all the moving parts. He touches on what it takes to succeed in the industry, his biggest hits, worst misses, and the strangest pitches he’s heard. PLUS… we get his thoughts on startup culture in America and talk about investing in SCIENCE! [e.g. implanting thoughts in brains over the internet – basically the movie Inception.]

We guarantee you’ll be smarter after listening to this one. Enjoy!

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