FR Reviews | Exo (Cricket Flour Protein Bars)

I am addicted to novelty. I’ll try anything twice. So, when I heard author/blogger/podcaster/everything-elser Tim Ferriss talk about Exo, a protein bar made using crickets, I had to buy some.

I’ve heard a lot about the virtues of using “cricket flour” (as it’s referred to on the Exo wrappers), about how it’s a sustainable protein that may be the solution the world needs to feed the starving poor and possibly decrease the environmental footprint made by large cattle operations (cow farts be bad for ya nose, and bad for tha Earth). I’m not here to talk about all of that.

What I do know is, no matter how great crickets may be for the future of our planet, people would rather die than eat something they don’t like.

In the following video, I put Exo to the test, tasting three of their savory flavors, “Mediterranean,” “Barbecue,” and “Mango Curry.”

Take a look, and let me know if YOU would try cricket protein in the comments!

Caleb K. Wilson

Caleb Wilson serves as the Digital Content Marketing Manager for the Media Resources Center at Wichita State University where he maintains the online presence for the Media Resources Center, Wichita State TV, and the Instructional Design & Technology teams. Previously, he worked as the Social Media and Marketing Coordinator for KWCH-TV and Sunflower Broadcasting, Inc., managing social media accounts for the company's many brands, training journalists and staff in digital best practices, and contributing on-air as the weekly "Tech Talk" segment digital expert.