Origin Story

Hi! I’m Rob. I’m one half of this thing called Folk Rooster. The other half is Caleb.

Caleb is my friend.

Caleb will always be my friend.

I met Caleb at a bar.

Truestory. I was at the most popular bar in Wichita, it was about 10 p.m., and I was going home to smoke a cigar, drink bourbon, and listen to Led Zeppelin II. Before I could get my tab I was swiftly pulled into a side conversation with a lovely lady named Jenn (Episode No. 2 | Health & Fitness). As Jenn and I engaged in conversation about my rock n’ roll t-shirt, I noticed she was accompanied by a multitude of ladies and one bald lad sporting a canary yellow oxford. This was Caleb.

Our friendship grew slow. It started with random conversations in bars and at lunch. We moved to esoteric ramblings over bad whiskey, fried green beans, and Omaha Steaks. Even if it was Tuesday, we called this “Man Monday.” A title that gave outsiders little insight to the complex and thoughtful conversations that took place. These nights, often held at Caleb’s residence, were the ground floor of Folk Rooster.

Our first creative endeavor was making wildly popular vines. Which was short lived. We graduated to a Wichita-centric podcast named Wichitopia. It was a fun collaboration that brought five friends together to talk about the city. Although there were times in which the city was seldom mentioned. Wichitopia helped us all shape our creative urges into an edited audio adventure that included sketch comedy, interviews, serious discussions, and an abundance of improvisation. People move, get into relationships, jobs change. Ultimately, Wichitopia did not have a long run, but I believed it served a great purpose in our lives. My final takeaway from Wichitopia was this… We were not inspiring Wichitans to love the city more but the collaboration honed our love and passion for the city and its residents.

If I have my druthers, you will hear from the Wichitopia crew on Folk Rooster. They are all smart and talented people. Including each guest we coerced into entering my apartment. Caleb and I have expressed that we want them to contribute. In fact, we want a lot of contributors for Folk Rooster. I believe that good decisions yield good decisions. Applying that to this project, I hope I am correct in assuming that good content will yield good content.

This project started to fulfill our creative urges. We are two people who are looking for more ways to be creative. After many conversations, Caleb and I have realized just how many people want to (or need to) exercise their creativity. So we have started to reach out. To friends, family, and close acquaintances… We’ll register the kickball team and order the t-shirts, you just have to show up. In other words, we will not shy away from people who want to produce creative content.

Four podcasts completed and two major themes have emerged. Community and Passion. I believe that anyone who writes for the site or joins us on a podcast will exhibit passion in their efforts. Folk Rooster is already becoming a community and everything “we” produce will benefit others.

Please join us!


Thanks to Curt Herzog, Jenn Bates, Nathan Jackel, Christina Karaoli Taylor, and Tim Berry for their time and contributions to Folk Rooster

Robert Brennecke

Author of failed blogs "God's Third Grade Science Project" and "The Surly Otter," Rob really hopes Folk Rooster makes a good run. In the meantime he resides near the beach and works closely with a handful of colleges and universities. He'd rather be reading Chuck Klosterman and Jean-Paul Sartre. He may ask you to refer to him as a "high concept guy." Whatever that means.

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