No. 3 | Health & Fitness – w/ Jenn Bates

Two (slightly?) overweight guys in their 30’s talk about why we’re concerned with health and fitness.

Then we bring on our friend Jenn Bates to set us straight on lifting, cardio, maintaining a diet, gym behaviors, and how to pick a trainer. IF you want to be successful at the gym, listen to this great conversation with Jenn. Grab a doughnut granola bar and let’s go…

Jenn’s Suggestions for Success
1. Pay for your workout – Odds are you’ll be motivated to go
2. Don’t do what you hate – Do what you love, yo!
3. Make it Progressive!
4. Trainers are worth it! (Listen to the podcast to hear why! Hint: 38 minute mark)
5. Don’t stress about food. But yes, you’ll most likely have to change your diet.

Find Jenn on Twitter  (If you’re nice she may even answer your lifting questions)

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